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Birthdate:May 24
This is a fanfiction blog run by your host, the Almighty Hat (just call me Hat). If you're looking for Sims 2 content, try [personal profile] hat_plays_sims, and if you're more interested in doll collecting prattle, try [personal profile] hat_plays_dolls (which is a work in progress). You can find an index of all works right here for ease of 'got anything in my fandom?'

I have a ton of fandoms. I'm almost always writing something, but I hardly ever finish anything enough to post it.

I will never, ever post a work in progress. If I can't promise you that a story has an ending, then by god I will leave it on my hard drive.

My standing disclaimer is that all characters, properties, and related indicia are property of their respective copyright holders. No copyright infringement is intended and no money ever changes hands.

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