Title: Save the World (to Conquer it Later)
Author: Almighty Hat
Fandom: Transformers Beast Wars
Characters: Starscream, Blackarachnia, Silverbolt, Dinobot (though effectively 80% of the cast either has lines or is mentioned)
Word Count: 8,385
Rating: PG for canon-typical violence and occasional thought processes
Pairing(s): Technically Blackarachnia/Starscream, potential pre-Blackarachnia/Silverbolt
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, including explosions and the aftermath of a violent dismembering.

Author's Notes: So one day I asked myself, "What if Starscream never lost control of Waspinator at the end of Possession?" Assuming he could downplay his own treachery in Possession, a lot of Season 1 of Beast Wars wouldn't be that different-- but Season 2, now, Season 2 is ripe for the kinds of change that make AUs worth exploring. I've had this one sitting on my hard drive for years; I'm not altogether sure where to go with it from here (or if I should even try, I feel like I'm going to run it up a lamp post), but at least it has a solid ending. This is tagged 'het (technically)' because a) my headcanon for Transformers is that they have genders, but not sexes, and b) Blackarachnia and Starscream's relationship is about half friends-with-benefits and half convenient cover.

Summary: Original vignettes and codas, plus scenes from the Beast Wars Season 2 episodes The Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2, Tangled Web, Maximal, No More, Bad Spark, Code of Hero, and Transmutate that would've been very different with Starscream still in control of Waspinator's body.

Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2 )

Tangled Web )

Maximal, No More )

Bad Spark )

Code of Hero )

Transmutate )



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