Title: Pay It Forward
Author: Almighty Hat
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier)/Marvel 616 (Scarlet Spider)
Characters: Aracely, Bucky, Kaine
Word Count: 4,368
Rating: PG for memories of violence and some language
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: There are three people in this. None of them are okay. Two of them once woke up buried in piles of corpses, one of them has spent the last seventy years getting mindwiped more often than bathed. Just... be aware of that. And of SPOILERS FOR CA2: THE WINTER SOLDIER.

Author's Notes: So I saw CA2:TWS on Friday, and gushed about it to Celaeno that night, so she saw it Saturday afternoon, and then this happened:

Celaeno: The thing I imagined there was post-movie, he and Kaine having a grump-off in some coffee shop. Why? I don't know. But it was the mental image I got.
Almighty Hat: ... Primus on a pogo stick, Bucky and Aracely. I think I just hurt something in my brain.

Sunday morning I had a first draft written.

This is not my fault. This is a crack premise that invaded my brain and refused to let go until I took it seriously. There is no way to make the timelines work out seamlessly, because comics, but this is definitely after Aracely and Kaine leave Houston for Mazatlán, but before they fall in with the New Warriors because I don't know what's going on there yet.

The viewpoint character is a mind reader. This occasionally makes the narrative weird. Also, coherent continuity is something that happens to other people.

Summary: Aracely hears people's thoughts.

Kaine really doesn't want to be a superhero.

Yasha only has maybe a week and a half's worth of memories, but he'd really like to keep them this time.

One thing about hearing people’s thoughts was that it was constant. )



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