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Hello, I'm Almighty Hat. You may know me from such Dreamwidths as Hat Plays Sims and Hat Plays Dolls. If you're looking for Sims 2 downloads or doll collecting nonsense, try those links. This is where I post fanfiction.

I have no idea what to really put in this introduction beyond an apology-- I'm almost always writing something, but very frequently, I don't finish it (I'm very, very bad at endings), don't post it, or I'm writing in a shared AU set in a not-too-distant future made of so many crossovers we just call it Mashup. I won't be posting everything that I've ever written here, because some of it got heartily Jossed and some of it just isn't as good as I thought it was six years ago.

As a standard disclaimer, all characters, properties, and related indicia are property of their respective copyright holders. No copyright infringement is intended and no money ever changes hands.


Nice Car: Transformers 2007 movie/Knight Rider Original Series, gen (background Sam/Mikaela), Old Fic
Hot Wheels: Transformers 2007 movie/Knight Rider Original Series, gen (with 'Kitt is sexy' undertones, background Sam/Mikaela), Old Fic

Pay It Forward: Marvel Cinematic Universe/Marvel 616 Comics, gen

Transformers 2007 Movie

Expectancy: Gen, slightly sad, Old Fic
A-Wassailing: Gen (with background ships of canonically-married couples), Christmassy, Old Fic
Moving On: Het (non-graphic), Sam/Carly, Mikaela/Raul, Old Fic

Transformers Beast Wars

Save the World (to Conquer it Later): Het (technically), Blackarachnia/Starscream-in-Waspinator's-body, potential pre-Blackarachnia/Silverbolt

Monster High

Up On The Roof: Gen (due to viewpoint character being oblivious), background Cleo/Deuce, potential pre-Deuce/Rochelle.
Clear The Air: Het (non-graphic), Abbey/Heath, brief mention of Frankie/Jackson/Clair/Holt tumbleweed thing.
Whatever, Whenever, However: Het (non-graphic), Jackson/Toralei (no really), brief mentions of other characters and ships, including but not limited to Jackson/Frankie, Toralei/Rocco, Deuce/Cleo and Heath/Abbey
Strange Cases: Het (non-graphic), Jackson and Holt's parents
Boo York Minute: Het (technically), background Cleo/Deuce, referenced Seth/Nefera and Seth/Cleo arranged marriages, past Ramses/Mrs. de Nile
Prometheus and Pandora Het (technically), background real-life historical relationship referenced

Disney's Aladdin (Film, Sequels, & Animated Series)

To Be Free: Het (non-graphic), technically Aladdin/Jasmine and Jasmine/Mozenrath, periodic mature themes (check warnings well, they're different for each part)
Lucky Bird, Inside a Gilded Cage
All You Hold is Dust
Free to Throw Away a Treasure

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tabula Rasa: Gen, messed-up viewpoint character (starring the Winter Soldier)
With Anyone Else But Me: Het (non-graphic), Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, bittersweet

Jurassic World

Positive Associations: Gen, sad, animal abuse/neglect, strong language

As Yet Untitled Parselmouth Thing: PG at least, het (technically), violence, violent animals, violence against animals, swearing, and also, not flawlessly edited cos it was posted as it was written. Someday I will buff it up and give it a proper title.

Girl Genius

Smells Like Hope: Het (non-graphic), Agatha Heterodyne/Jorgi with background Adam/Lilith; generally not worse than canon, but that's not saying much (check warnings well on each installment)
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